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Family Prison Visitation Support

Programs that facilitate visits by family members or significant others to people who are inmates in a correctional facility by arranging for or offering local and long-distance transportation, providing current information about visitation conditions, offering a temporary place to stay or sponsoring other similar activities.

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Inmate Mental Health Services

Programs that provide psychotherapy and counselling services including therapy and psychosocial rehabilitation groups for correctional facility inmates who have mental disorders and emotional problems. Psychiatric medication, when required, is dispensed by nursing staff. Some correctional facilities have satellite psychiatric units with inpatient beds and/or special units for the long term care of severely and persistently mentally ill inmates.

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Inmate Pre-Release Programs

Programs, generally provided by correctional facility rehabilitation staff, that interview inmates who are about to be released from the correctional facility, make an assessment of the services they will need to facilitate their return to the community and provide them with referrals to outside agencies that offer job placement assistance, transportation, lodging, emergency aid or other resources. Pre-release counselling services may also be provided by outside agencies that have a contractual arrangement with the correctional system.

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Inmate Social Service Programs

Programs that provide any of a variety of social services for individuals who are incarcerated in a correctional facility including personal and family counselling, information about and referrals to community services and connections to other supportive services offered by the institution. Inmate social services may provided by correctional facility staff or by community-based organizations that have a contractual relationship with the correctional system.

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Inmate Visitation Programs

Programs that recruit and train people, usually volunteers, who are interested in providing support and friendship through regular personal visits to individuals who are incarcerated in a correctional facility.

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Innocent Inmate Exoneration Programs

Programs that work to vindicate and free from prison, inmates who claim to be innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted and sentenced. The program may secure DNA tests which can be used to identify the perpetrator of a crime (or to establish the innocence of other suspects) when biological evidence has been left at a crime scene, provide investigative services and/or offer legal representation, particularly in situations where there is new evidence or evidence was overlooked or withheld by the prosecution during the original trial. DNA testing is effective on biological material that is decades old and can sometimes be used to prove that a conviction that predated the development of DNA testing was based upon incorrect factual findings.

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