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Safety Escort Programs

Programs that offer the services of trained security personnel who accompany people who feel uncomfortable or unsafe walking or biking alone during evening, night or early morning hours to their car, public transit stop or (depending on the program) other destinations. Safety escort services are frequently offered by campus police agencies to students, faculty and staff on college/university campuses but may also be available in urban downtown areas or other settings. Escorts may be equipped with radios which allow them to be in constant contact with law enforcement and offer a safe alternative to walking alone at night. Some programs offer van transportation in addition to walking escorts.

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Escort Programs

Programs that accompany people who have limited mobility, cognitive impairments or other problems to specified local destinations and provide assistance which may include transportation or driving services, assisting the individual to enter and leave the vehicle and buildings, carrying packages, helping the person deal with other challenges and/or providing emotional support. Escort programs may assist older adults and people with disabilities, people who have AIDS or fear they have contracted the HIV virus, and others who need emotional and/or physical support; and may have limitations regarding the types of trips that qualify for this service.

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