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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Public and Catholic Elementary Schools in Oakville and Milton
High school students or adult volunteers will mentor children in a local elementary school, during lunch or after school. Involves assisting newcomer children in grades 1-8 with learning about Canada, making new friends, connecting them to their new community and providing homework help.
Big Brother   Halton Hills  Milton  Oakville 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
As convenient to volunteer and client
Provide Little Brother with support, guidance and mentoring. Instill trust and self-confidence in order to make healthy decisions and encourage leadership skills and independent thinking. Offer low to no cost shared activities and above all, make a difference while having fun.
Parkview Childrens Centre, Burlington - The Orchard School, Licensed Child Care Centre
This position has been previously filled by an individual with an Human Resources background as training coordination, interviewing, Board temperament must be considered to support effective Board operations. Experience in related fields would also be considered. 
The Board Recruitment and Development Director is responsible for the following: 
• Support the ongoing work of the BRD committee 
• Ensure the Board is able to govern the organization effectively 
• Recruit new Board members 
• Maintain term status of all Board members 
• Coordinate Board development opportunities
Halton Environmental Network, Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre
Across the community of Halton
HEN is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to help at community outreach event. Duties include working with the public, education, asking members of the public to complete short surveys and conducting environmental activities.
Nelson Youth Centres, 4225 New Street, Burlington, ON
Event set up and tear down; game stations; auction, garage sale and bake sale duties; general support for the day.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Public and Catholic Elementary Schools in Oakville, Milton, Georgetown & Acton
Male volunteer mentors needed for our Game On! (Eat Smart, Play Smart, Live Smart) Program. Suitable for men aged 18-30 years who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle!  
As a Game On! Facilitator your role is to lead a group of 8-10 grade 6 to 8 boys in a 7 week program focusing on active living, balanced eating and feeling positive about themselves.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Elementary schools across Halton
As a GLOW facilitator, your role is to lead activities for a group of young girls (aged 11-14) from diverse backgrounds, in a 10 week program focusing on active living, balanced eating, and being confident in all aspects of their identity. 
This position is suitable for female adults with a strong understanding of diversity & inclusion.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Public and Catholic Elementary Schools in Oakville, Milton, Georgetown & Acton
Female volunteer mentors needed for our Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds program! Suitable for women aged 18-30 years who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle!  
As a Go Girls! Facilitator your role is to lead a group of 10-12 grade 6 to 8 girls in a 7 week program focusing on active living, balanced eating and feeling positive about themselves.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Varies with the event location
Become a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" for a day!  
Enjoy sports, crafts & special outings. Recreation based program in which adult volunteers take children on our waiting list for an organized activity once a month. One year commitment. 
Some activities include: snow-tubing, attending a play, beach party, playing hockey/soccer, laser-tag, dodge-ball day, attending sporting events, and many more!
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Selected elementary schools in Oakville, Milton and Georgetown
High school students or adult volunteers will mentor a child in a local elementary school, after school, in a one-to-one relationship. Involves assisting a child in grade 3-8 with their homework, playing educational games, and developing organizational skills.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton
Elementary schools across Oakville, Milton, Georgetown and Acton
In-School Mentors visit a child at a school once a week for one hour. Together on the school property the student and mentor focus on learning through fun, social, recreational and educational activities. Activities include: sports, crafts, board games, computer time, cooking and reading.
Recycling Education Volunteer   Burlington  Halton Hills  Milton  Oakville 
Halton Environmental Network, Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre
HEN is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to support our community to divert waste. Duties include working with the public, education, asking and instructing the public on recycling and composting to help support proper mitigation.
Acclaim Health, Community Support Services
The comfort of your own home.
You can volunteer from the comfort of your own home! Telephone a senior or individual with a disability regularly to ensure their safety and provide friendly conversation. This is a very flexible volunteer position. Calls can be done from you own home or other location, at a time that accommodates your schedule.
Parkview Childrens Centre, Burlington - The Orchard School, Licensed Child Care Centre
Board meetings take place at head office location- Burloak and QEW
The Treasurer role is responsible for the following:  
• Oversees the management of the finances of the corporation 
• Provides the Board with financial breakdowns, financial advice, strategic planning recommendations and such other duties pertaining to the finances of the corporation as directed by the Board 
• Acts as signing authority with another officer of the Board, on behalf of the Board, for financial and legal purposes 
• Engages committee member to support the Finance Coordinator and Executive Director as required 
• Manages and oversee financial controls 
• Supports the development of policies and procedures relating to finance 
• Supports the development of the annual budget and completion of the annual audit 
• Liaise with the auditors and Finance Coordinator 
• Attends monthly meetings of the Board of Directors (1.5-2 hours) that take place by telephone or in person 
• Facilitates one hour monthly meetings with Finance Committee by telephone, typically taking place at lunch time.  
Note: This position requires an individual with a Chartered Accountant designation. The Finance committee as well as the Treasurer are not responsible for accounting duties for the organization. 
Board of Directors Expectations:  
- Be an active participant by being prepared, sharing ideas freely, understanding the mandate/vision/objectives/policies etc. in order to perform the function effectively 
- Attend monthly meetings and support initiatives, as necessary 
- Attend required training and the Annual General Meeting 
- A two year term commitment, with approximately 8 hours per month.
Oakville Chamber Orchestra
Trafalgar and QEW, Oakville
We are looking for a key board member interested in a hands-on role in Fundraising, including event management, donor/sponsor relations, grant writing. 
Our organization is based in Oakville. This position requires a commitment of about 5 hours per week and attendance at board meetings about 10 times per year.
Halton Environmental Network, Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre
QEPCCC, 2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville (Events are throughout Halton, rides may be available)
Event Assistants, Photography and Media, Writing & Editing E-Newsletters, Program Development, Waste Diverion, Customer Service
Learning Disabilities Association of Halton
Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown
The Reading Rocks volunteer tutor:  
• Works with the Program Facilitator and Program Coordinator to develop and implement an appropriate and effective individualized literacy program to meet the child’s individual literacy needs;  
• Develops and implements engaging, creative and hands-­‐on literacy activities and games in the areas of literacy: phonics, sight words, fluency, reading/listening comprehension, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and more to provide assistance for the assigned child struggling with literacy skills;  
• Develops a unique work station where the child’s successes are emphasized;  
• Conducts informal literacy assessment on the first day of program (pre-assessment) as well as on the last day of program (post-assessment);  
• Provides a positive learning environment to invoke self-­‐motivation for the child as he/she develops phonological awareness and processing skills;  
• Educates the child on how their unique learning requirements affect how they understand and use information and how this ultimately affects their ability to learn and ways they can use their unique learning as a strength;  
• Provides regular positive feedback on the student’s progress to instill self-­motivation and self-confidence in their academic development;  
• Fills out session reports after the tutoring sessions to track the children’s progress;  
• Assists the program facilitator if need be.
Volunteer Driver   Burlington  Halton Hills  Milton  Oakville 
Summit Housing and Outreach Programs, Burlington Office
Throughout Halton
We are looking for insured, full G licensed drivers to expand our social and recreational programming. Drive our clients to our social recreational activities in one of our vans, (or your own vehicle; your choice.) Our activities run throughout the Halton Region during regular business hours. 
Training is provided and all expenses are covered. You are welcome to join our activities. Make some new friends, get some exercise, commune with nature or stretch your artistic talents, all while giving back to your community.  
Shifts are flexible and are offered throughout the region.  
Lived mental health experience considered an asset.
Food for Life Canada
This volunteer role takes place at Community Living Burlington, 3057 Mainway, Burlington
Sorting through non-perishable or perishable items. 
• Unpack donated food from boxes, bags, and bins 
• Check quality of product – check for dents, punctures, labels missing 
• Check best before and expiry dates 
• Weighing and labeling boxes correctly  
• Carrying and placing boxes to corresponding pallets 
• Place snack items in the bin labeled ‘Snack Bin’ 
• Labeling or relabeling items 
• Sort large bins of perishable items, doing quality control and placing the items in a box more suitable for programs
Salvation Army, Khi Community, Milton, Community and Family Services
820 Nipissing, Unit #4 Milton ON L9T 4Z9
Sorting of food; pre-bagging of groceries for clients; general warehouse duties as required. 
We will be open Monday to Friday between 9 am and 2 pm, just during the month of December until December 22nd, 2017
Oakville Farmers' Market
George Street, between Church and Lakeshore Road East, Downtown Oakville
Duties include providing day-of information about the activities on George Street and in Towne Square, letting residents know about the market and its ongoing service, being available for other town information, and getting people involved in the activities (by playing the games and being involved yourself) and being available for help with disassembly at the end of the day. 
Skills required for this position are to be outgoing and willing to interact with people. Must also be prepared and able to work outdoors in the sun or rain for the hours outlined (this is a rain or shine event). 
Volunteers will be on George Street, between Church and Lakeshore Road East (Oakville) from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. on during any Saturdays of your choice. There are 3-4 openings for each day. Volunteers are encouraged to sign-up for a minimum of two Saturdays.
Canadian Cancer Society, Halton Community Office, Cancer Support Services
You can volunteer from home. Event: Mazzocato Maple Farm, 8161 First Line, Campbellville (Milton)
As a Community Outreach Coordinator, you will identify opportunities to promote Mudmoiselle in Halton and Mississauga(festivals and events, speaking engagements, parades). You will encourage participation at Mudmoiselle by connecting with the community and sharing the importance of the cause and impact of funds raised. Along with the support of the Mudmoiselle Committee, you will lead the committee in the execution of pre-Mudmoiselle promotional events, ensuring logistics and volunteer resources are managed in a timely fashion throughout the summer leading up to the event. Recruit team and individual participation utilizing own network and committee generated leads.
HMC Connections, Community Connections Program
Milton Elementary School
Volunteer Camp Counsellor will help organize and plan the activities for the 4 weeks of July. Ensure that all the kids are engaged and involved in the activities and adjust activities as necessary for different age/skill/language levels. Add fun and energy to all activities.
Willow Park Ecology Centre
Willow Park Ecology Centre, Norval (between Georgetown-Brampton, east of Georgetown, off Hwy 7)
Community Event Planners - Leaders - Helpers: 
- Help with interactive stations, kids programs, and crafts 
- Lead tours 
- Assist with theme specific activities  
- Take pictures for the Willow Park records and online postings 
Event activities may include a drumming circle, crafts for families, scavenger hunts, weather-related activities. Volunteers are encouraged to present ideas for crafts. nature games or other activities that can be done outdoors. Volunteers needed in the planning stages and to help on the day of the event.  
Yearly events are Maple Syrup Day, Earth Day, Wildlife Day, Nature in the fall with Pumpkins, Birds of Hungry Hollow, Biodiversity Day. 
Kids Nature Mornings in July and August called "Discovering Our Friends in Nature" consists of a themed discovery of local animals and plants. Activities may include nature walks and exploration, handicrafts, caring for nature - stewardship, games.  
Summer camp days in July and August give volunteers the opportunity to learn about local ecology and nature interpretation, engage children in outdoor nature exploration and nature crafts.
Willow Park Ecology Centre
Willow Park, off Mary Street, Norval
• Assist with wildlife monitoring programs 
• Learn how and help measure and ID trees 
• Maintain vital trails system for the park 
• Identify and remove invasive plants
Art Gallery of Burlington
Art Gallery of Burlington, 1333 Lakeshore Rd
There are many ad-hoc events that require volunteers throughout the year. If you are interested in a short term role, this may be perfect for you.
Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers Association, Steam Era
Country Heritage Park, Milton
Duties can include: safety persons for people movers, greeting guests at the gate, taking admission, serving steamed corn, assisting with learning to drive a tractor activities, administering surveys, providing information at the service gate, and litter clean-up.
Community Youth in Action Network
Oakville Oak Park Neighborhood Centre, Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Various Community Organizations
Youth will get the opportunity to volunteer at various organizations around the community. Duties will include environmental work, care for animals, engaging with seniors and children, building, cooking and organizing. 
This program will be teaching youth life skills, as well as promoting lifelong volunteerism, and community involvement. 
Sign up on to reserve your spot! Only 20 spots available per week and limited space on the waitlist.
Victorian Order of Nurses, Peel Satellite Office
a) Pick up and deliver meals to clients, including: 
• Reporting to the designated depot at the assigned time 
• Picking up route list, and meals, etc. 
• Delivering meals to assigned clients, dropping off notices etc. within expected time frames 
• Ensuring that meals are received by the client at the time of delivery or following previously made arrangements or procedures 
• Talking with the client to observe that they are safe and all is well 
• Returning containers and any money collected to the designated depot 
• Returning any undeliverable meals to the designated depot 
b) Maintain confidentiality of route sheets 
c) Submission of expense claim form as required 
d) Use “MOW” car sign to facilitate parking and to increase community awareness of the program 
e) Report to the supervisor any concerns regarding the well-being of the clients 
f) Attend in-service training as arranged by the branch, including initial orientation
May Court Club of Oakville
200 Kerr St, Oakville
Fit for female applicants. The May Court Club is a women's service organization. Male applicants would not likely feel comfortable in this environment. 
- Input consigned and/or donated items into the computer system 
- Tag clothes and items with prices 
- Hang and display merchandise 
- Greet customers  
- Assist customers in choosing outfits and accessories 
- Cashier (if you are interested in this position, the shop will provide additional training)