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Job Information

Programs that maintain lists of available employment opportunities that people who are searching for a position can access.

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Job Search/Placement

Programs that maintain listings of available employment opportunities and assign a staff member to help people who are searching for a position to choose and obtain the most suitable option.

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Job Search Resource Centres

Facilities that provide space for people who are looking for work. Amenities may include computers, resume writing software programs, printers, fax machines, telephones, and email addresses and voicemail/message taking services to ensure that prospective employers are able to contact job seekers.

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Resume Posting/Blasting Services

Programs that allow job seekers to post their resumes online. Some programs upload the resumes to specific job sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo! HotJobs. Job seekers get login information for each site enabling them to update their resume and apply directly to job postings available on the site. Other programs "blast" the resumes, i.e., send them via email to thousands of employers and recruiters. Some resume blasting services allow people to target only recruiters who have requested resumes in a particular industry or geographic area and provide a list of the recruiters to whom the resume was sent. The objective of resume posting/blasting services is to help job seekers get broad exposure for their resumes.

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